Morrison House is Eco-Friendly
  • We use compact fluorescent bulbs in most fixtures.
  • Thermostats are programmed to turn down when guests tend to be out (subject to override, of course).
  • Ceiling fans make cooling more efficient.
  • We re-use and recycle. Somerville has just implemented a "zero-sort" recycling program, so we are able to recycle a large percentage of our refuse.
  • You can leave your car at home or in our parking lot: we are a stone's throw from a subway station.
  • We save energy when we don't change your sheets and towels daily.
  • Your refrigerator is stocked with a pitcher of water: you can reduce plastic waste by using clean, tasty Somerville water instead of bottled water.
  • The house is well insulated -- cellulose insulation was blown in to the old exterior walls as part of our recent expansion project.